Cockington Attractions

Cockington Attractions

Things To Do in Cockington

Things to Do

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Cockington Country Park

Cockington Village and Country Park

We are a local, independent charity dedicated to caring for over 1750 acres of this beautiful bay. If you can see it, walk it, climb it, or picnic on it you are enjoying the Trust’s hard work right now! Berry Head National Nature Reserve, Cockington Country Park, Occombe Farm and the Seashore...

Cockington Country Park

Cockington Village and Country Park

We are a local, independent charity dedicated to...

Cockington Court

Cockington Court Craft Centre Torquay

If you're looking for a unique gift, a special...



OurGlass produce an innovative range of studio...

Horse and Carriage Rides

Horse and Carriage Rides

This idyllic village is hidden in a deep valley...

Indoor pool

Grand Leisure Suite

Relax, unwind or keep fit at The Grand Hotel. ...

Cockington Attractions

A trip to Cockington is like taking a step back in time and experiencing the bygone years of rural South Devon. From its manor house to its craftsmen and traditional pubs, this village offers visitors a treasure-trove of historical delights and rural revelry.

Only a mile outside of the hustle and bustle of Torquay, Cockington provides visitors with a tranquil and relaxed escape. However despite its peaceful setting, there are plenty of things to do in Cockington for families and couples of all ages.

A trip down memory lane

The picturesque village of Cockington offers a truly unique holiday experience to visitors looking for a slower pace of life. With winding streets that are lined with tea rooms, gift shops and stalls, the focal point of the town is undoubtedly the historic manor house and its 460 acres of surrounding land. Open to the public throughout the year, visitors can amble through the centuries enjoying the famous horse-drawn carriage rides and luscious gardens that are often filled with festivities and musical events.

Crafty creations

For art enthusiasts there are a great many Arts & Crafts Days out in Cockington thanks to its many pottery shops and unique craft stalls. The Estate which is known for its stunning surroundings is also home to Cockington Court which makes up the oldest part of the building and houses a community of traditional blacksmiths and craftsmen who excel in the arts of pottery and glass-blowing. You can watch the traditional manufacturing process and even buy one of the many beautiful products to take home with you as a souvenir of your day.

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