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Eden Project

As well as having more than its fair share of attractions, the English Riviera, South Devon’s beautiful bay, is also in ideal location for day trips to popular destinations in neighbouring Cornwall.

Perhaps the most popular, unique and frankly breathtaking of all these is the Eden Project. Close to St Austell, you can get there from Torquay in just over an hour by car, but in keeping with the eco-friendly spirit of the attraction, if you travel there using public transport you can get a discount on the entry price.

Visit the world’s largest captive rainforest

The Eden Project is famous around the world, and holds the record for ‘world’s largest greenhouse’. The most ambitious project of its type ever created, the attraction was built over a disused clay mine. Its purpose is to emulate the climate and environment of different areas around the world.

Explore the Eden Project with your family to be transported across the world instantaneously, to tropical rainforests, Mediterranean landscapes and more. Featuring thousands of exotic plant species and painstakingly-recreated climates, the Project is as much a visual marvel as it is an educational and scientific breakthrough.

A place where fun and education co-exist

In addition to the massive biomes, which play host to the world’s largest ‘captive’ rainforest, you’ll find lots of fun and educational activities for the whole family, inspiring workshops, evening concerts, sustainably-created restaurant meals and more. If you’re visiting during the winter months, the Eden Project even has an ice rink!

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