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Christmas Party and Concert

Christmas Party and Concert

Celebrate the festive season by attending a live...

Berry Head National Nature Reserve

Berry Head National Nature Reserve

Berry Head National Nature Reserve guards the...

'The View' at The Berry Head Hotel

'The View' at The Berry Head Hotel

The most stunning location..... Whatever the...

Brixham Breakwater

Brixham Breakwater

Protecting Brixham Harbour is the massive...

Breakwater Beach - Torbay

Breakwater Beach

Close to the mouth of Brixham harbour is...

golf breaks, golf holidays, golf in brixham

Golf Breaks at The Berry Head Hotel

The Berry Head Hotel is situated in Brixham on...

Berry Head

On the southern edge of the English Riviera, South Devon’s beautiful bay, Berry Head offers some superb coastal walks, and the chance to spot some of the local wildlife.

The whole of the English Riviera is designated an UNESCO Global Geopark, and has an incredible natural history which stretches back 400 million years. The rocks here have been around since long before humans existed, and even before the dinosaurs!

This rich history is particularly visible during a visit to Berry Head National Nature Reserve. Explore Berry Head and you’ll discover all about this history at the Visitor Centre, as well as some wonderful views.

Amazing wildlife and history at Berry Head

In the northern portion of Berry Head you’ll see the remains of a fort from Napoleonic times, built to protect the South Devon coast and the British fleet from possible attack from France or Spain. Another fort can be found to the south, and this was used to protect the northern fort.

Walking further on along the headland, you can’t miss Berry Head Lighthouse, close to the tip. With its light little more than a person’s height from the ground, the lighthouse is the shortest in Britain, but in its position at more than 200 feet above sea level it is also the highest.

Berry Head is also a haven for wildlife, so see if you can spot the very rare Greater Horseshoe Bats that live there, the various seabirds that nest in the cliffs, or the harbour porpoises that dwell in the sea below.

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