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Beer Day Britain is an annual UK date celebrating everything great about beer in our beautiful country!

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Celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink and spread beery love throughout the land by joining the National Cheers To Beer at 7pm (19.00h) on June 15th as millions of people across the country raise a glass, say ‘Cheers to Beer’ and post a message on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

Find a local Devon brewery

Bays Brewery team

Devon is lucky to be home to many great local breweries producing some awesome traditional and new beer styles. There is one stand out brewery on The English Riviera though, and that is Bay’s Brewery located in Paignton.

Ready for Beer Day Britain, we spoke to Bays marketing guru, Peter Salmon to learn a bit more about them.

Bay’s Brewery is still relatively new in brewery terms, they made their first ever delivery in July 2007 and haven’t looked back since! They are now one of the best and most well known breweries in the region and have built up a loyal local following of consumers and businesses.

Bay’s signature beer is Devon Rock Craft Lager. Pete said that since it’s launch in the summer of 2016, Devon Rock has gone down a storm with local drinkers. It is lager with flavour! We have found the demand for ‘craft’ lager is proving people want more flavour in their pint than what the vast array of international lagers currently offer.

If you haven’t tried Devon Rock lager then give it a go but here are the tasting notes;

Devon Rock Lager (4.5%)

An exceptional, multiple award-winning craft lager brewed on the Devon Coast. It is “crafted to perfection” using specially selected malt and lager hops to give a flavoursome, crisp and refreshing finish.

Where can you find Bay’s beers?

Bay’s beers are sold all over The English Riviera and can be found in the following places;




Bay’s Orangutan Amber Ale

Bays Brewery Orangutan Ale

Bay’s not only produce wonderful beers but they have long tried to give back to great causes. They have worked in partnership with Paignton Zoo, one of the areas biggest attractions many times before. They recently launched a one-off brew just for the Zoo, called Orangutan Amber Ale. It launched in March and was available through to the end of May. The Paignton microbrewery donated 10p for every pint sold.

Pete said: “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Paignton Zoo. Since 2013, our partnership has raised nearly £20,000, with beers themed around rhinos, giraffes, gorillas, crocodiles and elephants. They were all successful, so now we’re doing another – this time we’ve chosen orangutans, a species that undoubtedly needs help.”

Orangutan Amber Ale (4.5%) is a slightly sweet, deep ‘orangutan orange’ coloured ale. A blend of carefully selected malts paired with one of the UK’s most aromatic hops, Godiva, create this flavoursome ale with an intriguing tangerine and gooseberry character. Orangutans are the world's largest tree-climbing mammals, but their forest habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia is rapidly disappearing, sadly putting the future of Asia's only great ape in peril. Bays Brewery are donating 10p from every pint sold to wildlife conservation.

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Bays Brewery
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Bays Brewery

Bays Brewery is home to three permanent beers – Topsail, Gold and Devon Dumpling’. Each beer is different with its own unique flavour and aroma. Our distinctive range of beers mean that we have something for everyone – covering the whole spectrum of



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