Late night firework display on Torquay seafront, Devon

In Devon, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and landscapes, we are even luckier to have some amazing local photographers around to capture our amazing county in its best light. That is exactly what husband and wife duo John and Sharon are doing with their little venture, Devon Scenic Photography.

As local residents and ambassadors of their surrounding area, John and Sharon kindly donated some of their digital work to be used on our website for everyone to enjoy.

Incredible sunrise at Paignton Pier, Devon

Born and raised in Torquay, John has a particular interest in low light photography and the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Fascinated by reflections, he likes spending time around Devon’s picturesque harbours such as Torquay, Paignton and Brixham waiting for the right light. Together with his wife Sharon, John started a Facebook page sharing his images and called it ‘Devon Scenic Photography’. After really positive feedback they turned their hobby into a small business.

John has been interested in photography since he was very young, but it wasn’t until the couple were on holiday in North Devon about 8 years ago that his love for landscape photography started. John says “we were staying in a flat overlooking the beach at Woolacombe, I had bought a book on landscape photography and looking out the window at the beautiful sunsets over the bay thought to myself, I need to try this”! And his obsession started from that day!’

Quickly growing in popularity, the couple now sell everything from large canvasses to fridge magnets in various outlets around the Torquay area as well as on their own website. Devon Scenic Photography also produces a Torquay Calendar every year.

John is also a professional Tai Chi instructor and the couple have two children and two grandchildren. Sometimes Tai Chi and photography crossover. John was teaching Tai Chi to a group in Newton Abbot. One day one of the students asked what his plans were for the weekend and John mentioned that he would be out and about with his camera catching sunrises and sunsets. The lady then informed him that she had bought two beautiful mounted prints from a gallery in Plymouth. When she described the sunset she had bought, John realised it was one of his. He then told the story how he had taken the sunset on Plymouth Hoe, then rushed back to get a night shot of the Barbican that same evening, explaining that it was very rare to get two shots in one night and was very pleased the gallery owner really liked them. ‘ That’s the other image I bought!!’ exclaimed the lady.

Through his images, John’s aim is to capture some of the beautiful scenery of his hometown and county of Devon and is very proud to live in Torquay.

Enjoying Devon scenic photography

Walking along Torquay harbour bridge in Devon

According to ‘Stay in Devon’, these are the top 10 best places to photograph in Devon...

  1. Jurrasic Coast
  2. Valley of Rocks
  3. Exmoor
  4. Dartmoor
  5. Clovelly
  6. Brixham
  7. Exeter
  8. Woolacombe (where John found his love for photography!)
  9. Dartmouth
  10. Plymouth Hoe (where John captured two successful shots in one night)

Well, we’re pretty biased and we think that there is plenty to photograph in South Devon, particularly The English Riviera, and this is something that John and Sharon at Devon Scenic Photography do very well!

We’re pleased to see Brixham feature in the top 10 places to photograph in Devon above and we are so pleased to show you the below image taken of Brixham breakwater during that golden hour, at sunset. Are there any better sights in Devon than this!?

Stunning sunset on Brixham Breakwater in Devon

Take a look at more stunning Devon photography

Check out John and Sharon’s website for their full gallery and a chance to purchase your own incredible scenic shot of Devon.

Devon Scenic Photography website.

One of these would make the perfect Christmas present for a loved one!

Evening fireworks in Paignton, Devon




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