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Torre Abbey

Torre Abbey

Historic house and gardens

Things to Do

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Land Train

Torquay Land Train

The Torquay Land Train is a fun way to get around Torquay for all ages! It takes in the picturesque seafront and provides convenient drop off points for many of Torquay's hotels. It also serves the bustling shopping parade Fleet Street. Land Train Route 1 Derwent Hotel, Belgrave Road, Lucius...

Torre Abbey Leisure Park, Pitch n Putt, Golf, Tennis, Bowls

Torre Abbey Leisure Park, Pitch n Putt, Golf, Tennis, Bowls

Abbey Park Golf, Tennis & Bowls Centre is...



Babbacombe is everything that a great British...

English Riviera Pentecostal Churches

English Riviera Pentecostal Churches

Below is a list of Pentecostal Churches within...

English Riviera Churches - Various Denominations

English Riviera Churches - Various Denominations

Below is a list of Churches of Various...

Guided tours

Local Guides

Is your group visiting the English Riviera...

Cary Arms Inn & Restaurant

Cary Arms Inn & Restaurant

The Inn and Spa on the Beach - the very best of...

Torquay Attractions

As with the other towns that make up the English Riviera, South Devon’s beautiful bay, there are many things to do in Torquay. Whether you’re having a family holiday, are on a romantic break or enjoying the sun with friends, the town has a lot to offer.

Beach lovers will be right at home, as Torquay has plenty of beaches within easy reach. Some are exactly what you’d expect of a good old fashioned British seaside resort, while others are secluded beauty spots away from the crowds.

Family days out in Torquay

Not far from the beach, your family will love the Living Coasts attraction, a fun and educational experience with penguins, seals, octopuses and more. And just along the seafront you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the town at 400ft in the air from the HiFlyer helium balloon.

Torquay is part of the UNESCO English Riviera Geopark, and there are plenty of unique prehistoric sights to spark the imagination of your little ones. At Kents Cavern you’ll discover the ancient dwellings of Stone Age man, and the oldest fragment of human bone ever found in Europe.

There are days out in Torquay to suit everyone. Anyone who’s ever read an Agatha Christie novel will delight in discovering the town’s Agatha Christie Mile and various other attractions devoted to one of the English Riviera’s most famous figures.

Then of course there’s Torquay’s nightlife, theatres, cinemas, tours and much more to ensure there’s never a dull moment during your visit to Torquay.

Torquay Hotel

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