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We Brits love the cinema. So why not plan a great family night out on the English Riviera, South Devon’s beautiful bay? Get the popcorn in and take your seats, because it's time to see what's hot at the cinema this year.

The whole family will love to visit the Apollo on the Esplanade in Paignton for a multiplex cinema experience that would put any big city to shame, or Central Cinema in Torquay for all the latest films just a stone's throw from the beach.

For a cinema that offers a slightly different day out, head for arthouse cinema the Blue Walnut. During the day they've got a cosy café offering a range of delicious traditional English breakfasts and where everything's locally sourced; even the coffee is roasted in Cornwall! For the grown-ups, they're fully licensed, with a quiet little beer garden out back to enjoy local bottled ales.

Curtain up

Films are shown in the evening, and while their catalogue includes both current blockbusters and classics from as early as 1900, their screen and sound system are bang up to date. Be sure to book ahead, and settle in with the family this Autumn for the global Manhattan Short Film Festival where you'll have the chance to see a little bit of cinema history in the making. The Blue Walnut's combination of great local food, arts and poetry events, and both historical and modern films showing in an unforgettable setting is a unique experience. 

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    The Flavel is the cultural centre of Dartmouth.

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